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Ningbo Dawnsing Sewing Machine Automation Co., Ltd. adheres to Taiwan's technology and quality standards, and has been engaged in the design&production of automatic thread trimming devices for industrial knitting sewing machine for 15 years. In-depth grasp of the basic principles and theoretical data of the sewing machine automatic thread trimming device that extending on this basis, design and manufacture a variety of mature products to meet the demands for type automation of interlock sewing machines, multi-needle machines, bar tacking machines, four-needle six-thread machines, etc.  Also has improved the automation level of the sewing machine industry.

The company has 30 employees , the total industrial output value of the company is about 35 million, the company has more than 10 patents, and the products has a market share of about 40% in the domestic agent installation market. Equipped with the automatic thread trimmers of some high quality models of the industrial sewing machine factories, such as the interlock sewing machine 787 and VT1500, the market share is over 80%. With superb technology, high-quality products, good reputation and professional services, it has won the recognition of customers.
We are specializing in trimming & cutting machines and various automatic attachment for the industrial sewing machines. All our products are extensively installed in fat-bed stitch interlock machines,extremely small cylinder interlock machines, feed-up-arm interlock machines,multi-needle interlock machines and etc, all our spare parts such as knife carrier, knife assembly and etc. have received praise and affirmation from customers .


Dawnsing professional trimmer: it has been proven the installation of auto thread trimmer device can increase 35-40% productivity. And the equipment costs can be recovered every year.
our products have been sold over Southeast Asia, Mainland China and other countries around the world.
We always believe in permanent service policies,giving the excellence from the detail. any enquiries about the sewing machine auto thread trimmer & cutter devices from you,that will receive our immediate attention.Believe and choose us!!