SHING RAY 787 UT knife special accessories spare parts movable blade fixed blade flat spring clamp spring

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1::General model: SHING RAY 787, SHING RAY 720

2:Product : UT knife spare parts/sewing machine accessories

3:Advantages: stable clamping, high precision

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The movable blade, fixed blade, flat spring,clamp spring SHINGRAY 787 are common to SHING RAY 720. Dawnsing Manufacture can customize the parts required by the automatic thread trimmer of sewing machines according to the needs of customers. After more than ten years of technical precipitation, More than 90% of the sewing machine automatic thread trimmers the market can match our spare parts. The quality of Dawnsing manufacture products, there is a professional laboratory for equipment testing or inspection, and a professional technical team to solve installation and after-sales problems for you. We always follow excellent and stable quality, to ensure long-term relationship with customers with product quality and service.



The company has 30 employees , the total industrial output value of the company is about 35 million, the company has more than 10 patents, and the products has a market share of about 40% in the domestic agent installation market. We have a strong philosophy that a team can attribute success. Therefore, there is a united and powerful team behind our high-quality products. From design - production - inspection - test - delivery, this series of production links are inseparable, we have professional senior technical personnel, so no matter the product quality and after-sales are guaranteed.Dawnsing manufacture has more than ten years of experience in the field of automatic thread trimming devices for sewing machines, and with new product research and development abilities, it can provide customers with a full range of automatic thread trimming devices related products. In addition, our sales team focusing on overseas markets has no communication barriers with customers.

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