Pneumatic Tape Cutting Device For Flatbed Interlock Machine Or The Elastic Band (edge Strip) Mini Cutter

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The mini cutter for cutting elastic tape (edge strip) can be installed on the following: horizontal cylinder interlock sewing machine YAMATO VG2700, vertical cylinder interlock sewing machine YAMATO VT1500, HAILING GC0318 and other types of sewing machines.

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The elastic band (edge strip) mini cutter:
The mini cutter is for the sewing of clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other textile products. In the process of wrapping and attaching the elastic band, the wrapping strip or the elastic band is automatically cut off. During the original sewing process of hemming or sticking the elastic band, it is necessary to stop the sewing machine operation; drag the fabric with the left hand; pick up the scissors with the right hand to cut the hemming strip or elastic band; put the scissors on the hand back to the original place; restart the sewing machine operation. This kind of cyclic operation over and over again increases the workload and is inefficient. After installing the elastic band (edge strip) mini cutter, the automation of the above actions is realized, and the workers are comfortable and easy to operate, and the work efficiency can be increased by 25% to 35%.
The elastic band (edge strip) mini cutter configuration: special cylinder with piston rod diameter of 10MM, solenoid valve Model: 7V110-06; Voltage: DC24V; Power: 0.8W; Current: 37.5mA; Rated voltage: DC21.6V-26.4 V. Sensor brand: PANASONIC; Specification: CX-493; Dedicated controller

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