Turned Cocoon Into Butterfly

In May 2018, Dawnsing Sewing Machine Automation CO.,LTD designed an automatic thread trimming device for VC008 multi-needle machine according to customer's requirement. Unexpectedly, referring to the conventional structure on the market, the designed automatic thread trimming device has many disadvantages such as breakage of the movable tool rest, breakage of the cylinder piston rod, displacement of the guide rail of the movable tool rest, and cylinder jamming, etc. In March 2019, our R&D made the second-generation product on the basis of the first-generation VC008 multi-needle machine automatic thread trimmer. Although the problems of the first generation were avoided, the cylinder still occasionally stuck, and the reasons were analyzed. It is caused by the lateral gap between the guide rail and the movable tool holder. In January Dawnsing Company designed the third-generation VC008 automatic thread trimming device for multi-needle machines, which lengthened the length of the guide parts on both sides and solved the problem of gaps and occasional jamming of the cylinder.

In May 2022, our customer found that the interlock sewing machine of VG888A & FM787 knife the knife assembly and turret components shook too much, and the gap between the spare parts was too large. Our technical Department immediately held a technical discussion meeting, and analyzed that the cause of the problem was that the eccentric sleeve section difference was too large. Therefore, manpower was organized to subdivide and rework the eccentric sleeves in stock at the first time, and the eccentric sleeves returned from the rework were also arranged for full inspection to ensure that each eccentric sleeve fully met the design and using requirements. In June 2022, the customer reported that the economy type Feed-up-the-Arm interlock Stitch Machine VT1500 tension wire steel wire fixing seat was easy to break. After testing, it was caused by excessive heat treatment hardness. Our production Department immediately asked the heat treatment plant to rework, and after the hardness met the requirements, extreme destructive testing was performed to ensure that the parts in storage were qualified.

The automatic thread trimming device of the bar tacking machine, such as 430D, 1900A, etc., has been produced by the company in accordance with international standards. It not only meets the needs of customers who purchase the whole set, but also integrates the procurement of original parts manufacturers for the spare parts that customers need. Provide convenience for customers.

After repeated revisions and improvements, our products have a good reputation in the sewing machine industry,and have won unanimous praise from customers.

Post time: Jul-04-2022