Interlock sewing machine JUKI MF7823 installation instructions

Complete Diagram


Installation Diagram


➊:Remove the original cover plate, mechanism cover plate, motor pulley, protective cover, thread release drive, needle plate, presser foot, etc.

➋:Install the UT knife


➌:Turn the hand wheel of the sewing machine to stop the needle at the top, loosen the screw in the big circle on the right to adjust the front and rear positions of the movable knife and the looper, so that the tip of the movable knife is aligned with the center line of the looper.


➍:Adjust the distance between the movable blade and the looper through the height bracket, so that the distance between the looper and the movable knife is about 0-0.1MM.


➎:Install the thread trimming electromagnet ,keep flat, Connect the UT knife and the thread trimming electromagnet, loosen the spring on the thread trimming electromagnet, and push the electromagnet towards the hand wheel to the end.


➏:Connect the UT knife and the thread trimming electromagnet, loosen the spring on the thread trimming electromagnet, and push the electromagnet to the end towards the hand wheel of the machine. Adjust the left and right position nuts on the connecting rod between the cutter head and the thread trimming electromagnet to adjust the range of the movable knife, so that the second edge of the movable knife exceeds the leftmost long needle by 2MM, and then lock the nut.


➐:Take back the movable knife, adjust the spring on the thread trimming electromagnet so that the movable knife can be retracted freely. Adjust the retracting position, turn the hand wheel, and watch whether the looper collides with the scissors. If there is a collision, move the buckle on the axis of the thread trimming electromagnet outward, so that the looper is about 1MM away from the scissors.


➑:Install the thread loosening drive assembly and the thread loosening assembly. Keep smooth.


➒:Install the presser foot lift solenoid


➓:Install the three claws and the motor base, and pay attention to the concentricity when installing. Install the Hall switch.


⓫:Install the motor electric control, foot controller, plug in the wires, and turn on the power


⓬:Turn on the electric control switch, remove the plastic cover of the motor, loosen the screws on the small aluminum ring, turn the hand wheel on the sewing machine to the highest needle stop position, turn the small magnet on the small aluminum ring to the position of the encoder parking sensor, and lock Tighten the screws and install the plastic cover and motor cover.


⓭:Threading test run, adjust the looseness of the bottom thread and upper thread, and adjust the thread hook on the side of the thread clamp. The closer the thread hook is to the thread, the longer the thread end is. The length of the thread end shall be subject to the fact that the thread does not fall off at the beginning of the second seam.



⓮:Put on the scissors. Do not cut the thread before sewing with cloth, adjust the front and rear, height screws on the surface scissors. Insert the movable knife of the face scissors from the middle of the long machine needle and the stretch needle on the left, and hook the fabric to the diagonal line of the stretch needle. The height is about 1MM from the tip of the knife to the stretching needle, and then adjust the limit component on the surface scissors, so that the movable blade will not touch the presser foot when the knife is out

Post time: Feb-22-2023