Industrial Sewing Machine AC Servo Control System

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1.Safety instructions:
1.1 Safety of working environment:
(1) Power supply voltage: Please operate the power supply voltage within ± 10% of the specification marked on the label of the motor and control box.
(2) Electromagnetic wave interference: please stay away from high electromagnetic wave machines or radio wave transmitters to avoid electromagnetic wave interference and wrong operation of the driving device.
(3) temperature and humidity:
a. Please do not operate in places where the room temperature is above 45 ℃ or below 5 ℃.
b. Please do not operate in places directly exposed to sunlight or outdoors.
c. Please do not operate near the heater (electric heater).
d. Please do not operate in places with volatile gases.

1.2 Safety of installation:
(1) Motor and controller: please install correctly according to the instructions.
(2) Accessories: if you want to assemble other optional accessories, please turn off the power and unplug the power cord.
(3) Power cord:
a. Please be careful not to be pressed by other objects or excessively twist the power cord.
b. When binding the power cord, please keep away from the rotating pulley and V-belt, and leave it at least 3cm away.
c. When connecting the power line to the power socket, it shall be determined that the supply voltage must be within ± 10% of the specified voltage marked on the nameplate of the motor and control box.
(4) Grounding:
a. In order to prevent noise interference or electric leakage accidents, please make sure the grounding works. (including sewing machine, motor, control box and sensor)
b.The power line grounding wire must be connected to the system grounding wire of the production plant with a conductor of appropriate size, and this connection must be permanently fixed.
1.3 Safety during operation:
(1) After the first power on, please operate the sewing machine at low speed and check whether the rotation direction is correct.
(2)Please do not touch the parts that will move when the sewing machine is running

1.4 Warranty period:
Under the normal working condition and no human error operation, the device is guaranteed to repair and enable the normal operation for the customer free of charge within 24 months after leaving the factory.

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