Industrial Sewing Machine Digital AC Servo System

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Safety instructions
1. Before installing and using this product, users should read this operation manual carefully.
2. All power must be turned off during installation, and do not operate with power on.
3. All instructions marked with a symbol must be observed and executed in accordance with the instructions to avoid unnecessary damage.
4. Before connecting the power cord, make sure that the voltage is lower than AC250V and conforms to the rated voltage specified in this operation.
5. After the installation is completed and the power is turned on for the first time, first turn off the thread trimming function, operate the sewing machine at a low speed with the light front pedal, and check whether the rotation direction is correct and whether the rotation is stable.
6. Product application environment temperature and humidity requirements:
█ Please do not operate in places with room temperature above 45℃ or below 5℃.
█ Please do not operate in places with direct sunlight or outdoors.
█ Please do not operate next to the heater (electric heater).

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BFS User Manual

1.1 Requirements for use environment
Normal working environment temperature: 5℃-45℃
Normal working environment humidity: 10% 90% (non-condensing)
Rated voltage: 220V±10% 50(60)HZ
Working environment: The working environment of the control system should not contain flammable, explosive, toxic, water mist or corrosive media
Instantaneous power failure: under rated voltage, less than 20ms
System ground: less than 4Ω

1.2 Product Specifications
Motor output power (Power): 550W, 750W
Sewing Speed: 100r/min-4500r/min can be set
Speed regulation method: infinitely variable speed, can also automatically run at a fixed speed
Solenoid Signal Output Port: 4 channels, including thread sweeping, thread trimming, presser foot lifter, and suction electromagnet
Fault protection: over current, short circuit, stalled rotor, etc. Stall protection judgment time: 3 seconds



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